Computational Biology Core Course

BINF 701/702 is the Computational Biology core course developed at the KU Center for Computational Biology. The course is designed to introduce the most important and basic concepts, methods, and tools used in computational biology. Topics include (but not limited to) bioinformatics databases, sequence and structure alignment, protein structure prediction, protein folding, protein-protein interaction, Monte Carlo simulation, protein design, dynamical systems, and systems biology. Emphasis will be put on the understanding and utilization of these concepts and algorithms. We also discuss in detail the application of these algorithms to interesting problems in gene regulation, signaling networks, macromolecular self-assembly, and drug design. The objective is to help the students to rapidly reach the frontier of computational biology and be able to use the computational tools to solve problems in their own research. For more information about these courses please contact Course Director Dr. Ilya Vakser at