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The Vakser Lab received an NSF award from IMPRESS-U (International Multilateral Partnerships for Resilient Education and Science System in Ukraine) program.

Vakser Lab receives $1M NSF grant to predict phenotypic effects of genetic mutations

The Vakser Lab received a 3 year $1M award from the National Science Foundation "UKRI/BBSRC - NSF/BIO: Modeling of protein interactions to predict phenotypic effects of genetic mutations”.

Vakser Lab Work Opens a New Chapter in Cell Modeling

A study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences puts forward a novel approach to computer modeling of molecular mechanisms of life.

Joanna Slusky receives $1.5M NSF Molecular Foundations of Biotechnology award

Associate Professor Joanna Slusky received an NSF Molecular Foundations of Biotechnology award titled: MFB: NSF-BSF: Data-Adaptive and Metamorphosis Machine Learning Architectures for Generative Protein Design of Metal Biosensors.

Joanna Slusky Elected to Protein Society Executive Council

Associate Professor Joanna Slusky was elected to a three year term as a member of the executive committee of The Protein Society.

Jinan Wang Receives 2022 KU Research Staff Achievement Award

KU Research Staff Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to methods developments and cutting-edge applications of computational drug discovery. The award was established in 2018 to recognize contributions of staff researchers to the research mission of the University of Ka

MIAO lab Work Published in Nature

Congratulations to the Miao Lab for a paper published in Nature, entitled “Positive allosteric mechanisms of adenosine A1 receptor-mediated analgesia”.

Yinglong Miao Wins Openeye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

Yinglong Miao is one of the winners of the OpenEye outstanding Junior Faculty award managed by the Computers in Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society.

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