Required courses

Course NumberCourse Name (Number of Credits)
BINF 701Computational Biology Core I (5)
BINF 702Computational Biology Core II (5)
BINF 709Topics in Bioinformatics
BIOL 636Biochemistry I (3)
BIOL 638Biochemistry II (3)
BIOL 804
CHEM 700
MDCM 801
Issues in Scientific Integrity (1)
Responsible Scholarship in Chemical Sciences(1)
Issues in Scientific Integrity (1)
BINF 999Dissertation Research (1-18)

Elective Courses

Computational Biology

Course NumberCourse Name (Number of Credits)
BINF 703Computational Biology Core III (5)
BINF 704Computational Biology Core IV (5)


Course NumberCourse Name (Number of Credits)
BIOL 772Gene Expression (3)
CHEM 622Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (3)
CHEM 640Biological Physical Chemistry (3)


Course NumberCourse Name (Number of Credits)
C&PE 778Applied Optimization Methods (3)
MATH 526Applied Mathematical Statistics I (3)
MATH 530Mathematical Models I (3)
MATH 581Numerical Methods (3)
MATH 590Linear Algebra (3)
MATH 605Applied Regression Analysis (3)
MATH 727Probability Theory (3)
MATH 728Statistical Theory (3)
MATH 781Numerical Analysis I (3)
MATH 865Introduction to Stochastic Processes (3)
EECS 638Fundamentals of Expert Systems (3)
EECS 647Introduction to Database Systems (3)
EECS 739Scientific Parallel Computing (3)