MIAO lab Work Published in Nature

Congratulations to the Miao Lab for a paper published in Nature, entitled “Positive allosteric mechanisms of adenosine A1 receptor-mediated analgesia”. The work is in collaboration with the Alisa Glukhova, Wendy Imlach and Arthur Christopoulos Labs at Monash University in Australia. The team has combined cutting-edge cryo-electron microscopy, in-vitro biochemical assays, in-vivo animal models, and in-silico accelerated molecular dynamics simulations to decipher mechanisms of action of a novel non-opioid analgesia drug candidate for treating neuropathic pain. The computer simulations have been primarily performed by Jinan Wang and Apurba Bhattarai in the Miao Lab, as supported by National Institutes of Health and American Heart Association, as well as the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment supercomputing resources.