Program Profile

Doctoral Program Profile: Computational Biology

This program is part of the Department of Computational Biology in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Additional information available at The Center for Computational Biology

Notes:  First enrollments in the doctoral program in Computational Biology, formerly Bioinformatics, were in Summer 2009.  Time-to-degree data do not include semesters enrolled prior to official formation of the degree program.

Includes tenured and tenure-track faculty paid by the department.
Department Faculty: Computational BiologyFall 2018
Total Faculty5
Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty5
Tenured Faculty2
Non-tenured Faculty on Tenure Track3
Other Faculty/Instructors/Lecturers0
Total Faculty FTE2.8



Doctoral EnrollmentFall 15-17 AvgFall 2018
Full Time100%100%
Average Hours for Doctoral Students5.75.3


Doctoral Admissions:  Summer / Fall 2016, 2017, and 2018

GRE scores included if submitted by 60% of applicants. See program website for exact admissions requirements.
Enrollment3-Year AverageMean GPAMean Verbal GREMean Quantitative GREMean Analytical GRE
Includes support disbursed through or recorded in the university HR Pay, financial aid, or third party payment systems as of March 29, 2019. KUMC support included whenever possible. Some external support may not be included. Assistantships as of Fall 2018 calculated for 9 months; assistantships may be outside program. Other institutional support may include tuition waivers and adjustments, scholarships, grants and fellowships, and other grant-funded or institutional support.
Support for Fall 2018 Doctoral StudentsHead  CountAvg AY Amount
Number Receiving Support / Average Per-Student Support (excluding loans)16$27,574
Number Receiving Educational Loans / Average Amount1$16,134


Students may have more than one type of support.
Type of SupportHead Count
Other Institutional Support16


Median years to degree may include both full- and part-time students. Yrs to Degr from 1st Graduate Enrl may include those obtaining a master’s degree during the time interval. % of Degrees Completed calculated from first doctoral enrollment.
Doctoral Degrees Completed \ Median Years to Degree% of Degrees Completed
Year of Completion (Su\Fa\Sp) CountYrs to Degr from 1st Graduate EnrlYrs to Degr from 1st Doctoral EnrlWithin 5 YrsWithin 7 YrsWithin 10 Yrs
FY 2013 - 201554.74.760%100%100%
FY 2016 - 201866.66.616.7%66.7%100%

Employer or Training Type

Postdoctoral plans as reported at time of dissertation submission. See program website for more information.
Postdoctoral Plans
of Doctoral Degree Recipients FY 2013 - 2018
Higher Education in U.S.Education -OtherGovernmentPrivate Sector or OtherNo Response or No SurveyTotal
Firm plans for postdoc or further training311  5
Firm plans for employment1  3 4
Negotiating with a specific organization, or more than one      
Seeking appointment but have no specific prospects   2 2
Other student-specific response      
No response / did not take survey